Morrisby Training

The online Morrisby service is very straightforward to use. To ensure that you feel confident when using the service with students in schools/individual clients, or when explaining how it works to prospective users/colleagues, however, we would recommend some level of training is undertaken.

Which training do I need?

  • I want a quick overview of the online Morrisby service – attend an introductory webinar, or Contact Us for a one-to-one online demo
  • I want to start offering the online Morrisby service in a school – attend a features webinar or workshop, or Contact Us for a one-to-one online demo
  • I want a more in-depth understanding of Morrisby – attend our Advanced Training Workshop
  • On-site training and demos - Contact Us if you have any other training or support requirements

Introductory Webinars

These webinars last approximately 45 minutes and are a great overview for those wishing to see the system for the first time. We don't have time to go into too many specifics, however, it is a useful introduction to the assessments, how the results are presented to students/candidates, and also the Manager site which includes features and tools designed to help you to support candidates in their decision making.

If there are no suitable times listed below then please contact us to let us know when might suit you.

Introductory Webinar (45 mins) - Free of Charge:

  • Friday 7th February 2020 - 10am - Book
  • Tuesday 10th March 2020 - 10am - Book
  • Thursday 23rd April 2020 - 11am - Book

Please note, desktops/laptops are recommended to attend the webinar. As this is a 'listen only' session, you will not need a microphone to participate.

Morrisby 'Features' Webinars

Our 'Features' webinars last about 90 minutes and are designed to provide everything you will need to get started. They are therefore perfect for career guidance professionals and school staff wishing to deliver the assessments and discuss the results with students/candidates. These sessions offer a more in-depth and detailed introduction to our online Morrisby service. For existing users, they are also a perfect way to learn about the latest developments.

Topics will include: using the site with different age groups (in terms of administration and results), dealing with exceptions, a look at the more detailed features of the Manager site, and lastly, how to roll-out Morrisby in your school/college (including internal and external communications).

Features Webinar (90 mins) - Free of Charge:

    • Tuesday 10th March 2020 - 2pm - Book

Please note, desktops/laptops are recommended to attend the webinar. As this is a 'listen only' session, you will not need a microphone to participate.

Advanced Training Workshops

These training workshops are geared towards career professionals and school staff who really want to make the most of all the features of our online Morrisby service.

As such, this session is aimed at developing subject-matter experts and is a 4-hour attended workshop which will allow you more time to expand your knowledge, and get a more complete understanding.

We will look at interpreting aptitude and personality profiles, including some exercises. We will also cover areas such as interviewing, plus the more advanced use of the tools and features of the Manager system, such as assessment tailoring and the use of customisable Forms.

In order that we do not just cover the same ground as the above webinars, a certain amount of knowledge will be assumed as a pre-requisite. Therefore any delegates attending this course will have already attended either an 'Introductory Webinar' or a 'Features Webinar'

Advanced Workshop - Price: £60+VAT per place

  • Thursday 30th April 2020 - 9am-1pm including lunch - Book