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Enhance your careers guidance

Unparalleled credibility
With Morrisby's name by yours, you'll be recognised as an industry expert.
Unrivalled expertise
Established in 1967, we’ve been leading careers guidance for over 50 years.
Training and guidance
We offer expert training sessions on using Morrisby Profile to enhance your career services.
Established reputation
With 50 years of experience, becoming Morrisby-approved will highlight your expertise.
Ongoing support
We’re always on hand to answers any questions you may have about using Morrisby Profile with your clients.
Expert team
Become part of a team of careers professionals using Morrisby to better the lives of young people.

Become a Morrisby-approved practitioner

Partner with Morrisby to offer world-class careers guidance and advice.

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Use Morrisby services with your clients

We partner with career organisations and educational consultancies that may wish to use Morrisby services to complement the service they already provide to schools they work with.

Morrisby also works with practitioners who have established relationships in schools and a track record of delivering quality careers advice and guidance.

Get your Morrisby Practitioner Licence

Morrisby partners with freelance advisers and counsellors, providing high-quality training and guidance to suitably qualified professionals.

We award successful applicants with a Practitioner Licence which enables them to use Morrisby Profile with their clients. Morrisby Profile forms an integral part of the practitioner’s toolkit, enhancing the services of independent career professionals.

How it works


Apply for a licence

Complete the application form via the link below.

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We will let you know if you need to complete any of our training courses and send you details of how to do this.

Transform lives

You can start using Morrisby Profile to help your clients make better career choices.

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Discover the perfect pathway to a career you’ll love, with easy management & reporting for careers guidance and tailored support.

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Making better career choices

How we help


Join our knowledgeable customer support team for one-to-one training or group workshops.

Success stories

Read about how Morrisby has improved the futures of young people across the world.

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Easy management & reporting allows you to track your students’ careers guidance and tailor support.


“Working with Morrisby helped me build trust and authority in the schools I partner with. Gaining a Morrisby certification has elevated my career and established me as an expert.”

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Morrisby-Approved Practitioner


What training would I need to purchase a Practitioner licence?

It is important that clients undertaking our assessments are supported by practitioners that have a demonstrable understanding of the advanced use of the Morrisby Profile.  Therefore all practitioners wishing to purchase a licence must have attended either an advanced workshop or training webinar in the last 3 years. Previous Morrisby Profile training will be considered where there is a recent and ongoing history of using Morrisby Profile regularly with their clients.

Do I need to be a qualified careers adviser to purchase a Practitioner licence?

No, but if you don't have any careers qualifications or experience. then we would expect some qualifications and/or experience in education/teaching or in using assessments. Previous (advanced) training and experience in using Morrisby Profile would also be useful.

How often would I be expected to update my training?

The Morrisby service and websites are continually evolving as we are always seeking ways to improve the service we provide to clients, advisers, and education providers. If you use the service regularly then you will probably be aware of the changes as they happen, however we run a variety of free webinars so that you can keep up to date, and we would always recommend attending these as a refresher. See: training page

How do I start working as a Morrisby practitioner?

Careers organisations, and independent careers professionals often work as Morrisby practitioners. Most of the time, you would have an established relationship with a school and would be using Morrisby Profile with groups of students as part of your service offer. In such cases we would expect you to have attended a Morrisby Profile training webinar or have experience of using Morrisby Profile already. Contact us for details.

Still got a question? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Become a Morrisby-approved practitioner

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