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Guidance Counselling

Let the Morrisby Profile power your counselling programme.

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Career suggestions
  • University and subject guidance
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Uncover how individuals think and what they enjoy with our leading career guidance tool, Morrisby Profile

International curriculum ready

The Morrisby system is fully configurable to support MYP, AP, iGCSE ,IB and other exam types. You can also select which subjects your institution teaches to further personalise the system as well as adding logos and text on student reports to enhance branding.

Morrisby portal psychological assessment results panel

Self-discovery for age 12+

From the age of 12, students have access to our Morrisby ‘Aspirations’ questionnaire which gives younger students an invaluable awareness of the world of work and provides them with practical assistance in choosing iGCSE’s or equivalent.

Powerful psychometrics for age 15+

The Morrisby Profile looks at each students' strengths in the areas of numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning, plus mechanical and spatial ability. These results combine with our ‘Aspirations’ and ‘Personality Type questionnaires to give a detailed insight into the students’ potential and relative strengths, as well as guidance on subjects and courses that may be appropriate.

Morrisby profile dashboard
careers cards from the Morrisby portal - economist and web developer suggestions

Student options and pathways

We have a vast database of over 650 careers to explore. We also offer guidance and information on school IB options as well as information on over 40,000 university courses in the UK and Europe as well as the top universities worldwide.

Supportive tools for guidance counsellors

The system includes tools for guidance counsellors and tutors to gain insight into student activity, abilities and preferences. These are supported by the Morrisby Interview Wizard that enable you to conduct and record a detailed guidance session following the Morrisby Profile assessments.

Morrisby interview process dashboard panel
Morrisby for International students

Login for life

All this is available for a one-off payment per student of just £25 to include all our questionnaires and assessments, plus full access to our service for life. We ask for no membership fee and have no minimum take-up, and whether your students sign up at age 12, 15 or even later, this one payment will see them through to adulthood.

“The Morrisby Profile is a brilliant platform helping our young people find their true career direction. The communications and support systems are impressive. It opens a lot of doors for our students to help steer them towards their future career path.”

Heather Barker
Guidance Counsellor - International School Aberdeen
ISA - International School Aberdeen

Unlocking Opportunities

“It not only helped me understand myself and my learning goals, but it also opened up so many resources and opportunities that I didn't even know existed.”
Y9 Student
“The Morrisby Profile is a brilliant platform helping our young people to find their true career direction.”
Head of Careers
“The support the team at Morrisby offer schools is incredibly helpful and timely too!”
Head of Careers

Making better career choices

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Easy management & reporting allows you to track your students’ careers guidance and tailor support.