Morrisby Partners

We are pleased to work with a range of quality organisations that can add value to your Morrisby licences.

Feel free to contact any of our partners shown below to discuss your requirements..

  • Morrisby Profile Interviews
  • Careers Advisers
  • Training and events
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Morrisby Partner

Two types of partners

Morrisby Practitioner Logo

Practitioner partners are people and organisations that use the Morrisby Profile as part of their guidance service.

Use of logo
Use of Morrisby Practitioner logo as a mark of quality.
Training & support
Training in the use and interpretation of Morrisby Profiles.
Access to resources
Access to hundreds of career resources through the Morrisby Manager.
Insights made easy
Ability to view all your candidates results and progress at a glance.

Applications are welcomed from Careers Professionals who have:

  • Experience in the use of psychometric assessment, ideally to BPS RQTU (Level A).
  • A minimum of a level 5 qualification in careers guidance.
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Strategic partners are organisations that deliver services using Morrisby products and who have a team of careers advisers.

Allocated partner manager
Dedicated Morrisby account manager, on hand for one-to-one support.
Access demonstration sites
Early access to new features and staging sites to trial upcoming releases.
Input opportunities
Gain insights into product development priorities and offer feedback on experience.
Priority access to support
Skip the wait with priority response time for all enquiries and support tickets.

Applications are welcomed from Organisations who have:

  • Existing or planned growth to achieve a minimum of £10k of business with Morrisby per annum.
  • Two or more members of staff with level 6 qualification in careers guidance.

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Meet our partners

FutureSmart Careers

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FutureSmart work with many schools and are the trusted partner of some of the leading independent schools in the UK.

  • Whole school careers programmes
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Workshops and training
At FutureSmart Careers, we pride ourselves on delivering highly effective, independent and aspirational careers information, advice and guidance to young people in schools today. Our services include whole school careers programmes as well as one-to-one guidance sessions, workshops, mock interviews and access to our resources hub, careers expert helpline and regular newsletters. We are ambitious for the best outcomes for every young person we support and, working in accordance with the CDI’s’Code of Ethics, our team are skilled at engaging with students in an open and impartial way to explore a full range of available opportunities.
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EC Careers

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Inspiring students to make good choices and fulfil their potential.

  • Impartial, personal career guidance experts
  • Whole cohort careers guidance and career assessments in school
  • Consultancy and training
We work closely with each school. We can work together to plan your CEIAG in your school, and ensure that the students access our services in the time-scales required. Our team are responsive to your needs, providing regular feedback reviews and evidence of impact. We can demonstrate an impressive proven track record with a wide range of schools and colleges.
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Career Analysts

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Career Analysts are the Australian-based distributor for Morrisby Ltd.

  • Career guidance using Morrisby products
  • School based services
  • State and national scale contracts
The 'My Career Insights' program enables students to understand that there are many elements to identifying potential career pathways e.g. values, personality, interests, workstyle, and work environment. Students with lower literacy or numerical skills are also supported to identify other aptitudes that could lead to further education and employment e.g. mechanical and spatial skills. The one-to-one career consultant interviews promote a lot of discussion amongst students re potential pathways. The vast majority of students enjoy the opportunity to discuss their Morrisby assessment 1:1 and let their peers know that it is actually ‘fun’. The students use their Morrisby Profile Report to assist with the review of their Career Action Plan and set goals for their future pathway.
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