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Morrisby Partners

We are pleased to be working with a range of high quality organisations that can add value to your Morrisby services.

Feel free to contact any of our partners shown below to discuss your requirements.

  • Morrisby Profile Interviews
  • Careers Advisers
  • Training and events
Morrisby Partner Logo
Morrisby Partner - professional woman surrounded by Morrisby dashboard snippets

Two types of partners

Morrisby Practitioner Logo

Practitioner partners are people and organisations that use the Morrisby Profile as part of their guidance service.

Use of logo
Use of Morrisby Practitioner logo as a mark of quality.
Training & support
Training in the use and interpretation of Morrisby Profiles.
Access to resources
Access to hundreds of career resources through the Morrisby Manager.
Insights made easy
Ability to view all your candidates results and progress at a glance.

Applications are welcomed from Careers Professionals who have:

  • Experience in the use of psychometric assessment, ideally to BPS RQTU (Level A).
  • A minimum of a level 5 qualification in careers guidance.
Morrisby Partner Logo

Strategic partners are organisations that deliver services using Morrisby products and who have a team of careers advisers.

Allocated partner manager
Dedicated Morrisby account manager, on hand for one-to-one support.
Access demonstration sites
Early access to new features and staging sites to trial upcoming releases.
Input opportunities
Gain insights into product development priorities and offer feedback on experience.
Priority access to support
Skip the wait with priority response time for all enquiries and support tickets.

Applications are welcomed from organisations who have:

  • Existing or planned growth to achieve a minimum of £10k of business with Morrisby per annum.
  • Two or more members of staff with level 6 qualification in careers guidance.

For more information, email

Meet our strategic partners

FutureSmart Careers

Morrisby Partner Logo

FutureSmart work with many schools and are the trusted partner of some of the leading independent schools in the UK.

  • Whole school careers programmes
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Workshops and training
At FutureSmart Careers, we pride ourselves on delivering highly effective, independent and aspirational careers information, advice and guidance to young people in schools today. Our services include whole school careers programmes as well as one-to-one guidance sessions, workshops, mock interviews and access to our resources hub, careers expert helpline and regular newsletters. We are ambitious for the best outcomes for every young person we support and, working in accordance with the CDI’s’Code of Ethics, our team are skilled at engaging with students in an open and impartial way to explore a full range of available opportunities.
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EC Careers

Morrisby Partner Logo

Our mission is to deliver top quality careers guidance to students and careers education support to our schools. We aim to inspire and enlighten.

  • Impartial, personal career guidance experts
  • Whole cohort careers guidance and career assessments in school
  • Consultancy and training
Our aim is for every student we speak to, to feel motivated, focused, confident, and positive about their future. Every student is on a different journey, and we look at all aspects of their journey- where they are, and how to progress. During every career guidance session with one of our fully qualified and experienced Advisers, students receive a non-judgemental, and caring listening ear. We work with many schools and are the trusted partner of some of the leading independent and state schools in the UK and abroad. We have built a very strong track record of delivering inspiring careers programmes and highly effective guidance to students. EC Careers employs 20 qualified and experienced Careers Advisers, who offer impartial careers guidance and a caring approach to all students.
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Changing Education

Morrisby Partner Logo

We help schools and colleges provide purposeful, planned, safe work experiences and broader career opportunities. We are the largest EBP in the UK

  • Award-winning EdTech company dedicated to work-based learning and transformative work experience placements.
  • Instrumental in shaping work experience and careers programmes that empower students to confidently enter the world of work.
  • The ability to run a work experience programme on a limited budget
  • Improved employer links for schools and colleges
  • On-hand support from experienced professionals
  • Comprehensive block placement packages
  • Organisation of all necessary administrative systems, safeguarding policies and insurances
  • We ensure a guaranteed placement

'If you're thinking of starting a work experience programme in your should consider Changing education group' Mark Parsons, The Cheshire College
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Australian Centre for Career Education

Morrisby Partner Logo

The Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE) is a national subject expert, career education association and thought leader in career education and development.  

ACCE was established in 1975 by the government to support the introduction of the new work experience legislation and train teachers in career education. As a founding member association of the national peak industry body, the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA), ACCE engages with leading researchers and organisations internationally and is represented regularly in working parties aimed at improving education and employment outcomes.

ACCE develops resources and professional development programs and brings evidence-based best practice in career development and vocational tools to Australia. Aligned to its mission, ACCE operationalises career policy as a demonstration organisation so that governments have access to robust, evidence-based metrics to improve workforce capacity.

ACCE services include resource development, training, consulting and members services that are delivered to organisations and career practitioners in education, government, apprenticeship organisations, industry and community and employment services.

ACCE is a CICA endorsed provider of career practitioner training and an advocate for the career industry. ACCE’s mission is to reduce education and employment inequity by advancing career development and education for the public benefit of all Australians.

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The University Guys

Morrisby Partner Logo

The University Guys are here to support students in exploring, preparing for and applying to universities all over the world.

  • Explore - Discover which higher education options around the world suit you best.
  • Prepare - Get ready to present the best possible version of you.
  • Apply - Manage the application process, documents, and interviews.

The University Guys are here to support students in exploring, preparing for and applying to universities all over the world. As independent university specialists, some people think of us as a ‘top-up’ service that goes beyond what your current school might offer and enables you to access world-class universities in other countries. Our team provides one-to-one tutoring and guidance to students and their families, helping them to get a place at the top university of their choice, and making the process of applications clear, manageable and successful.
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Morrisby Partner Logo

CareerWave, is a quality provider of Career Guidance, proud to work with schools, sixth forms, colleges, other education settings and individuals.

  • Personal guidance
  • Career leader training
  • Career leader qualifications
  • Quality assurance and end point assessments
  • Professional support

CareerWave provide Personal Guidance to over 50 schools and 10,000 learners (based on the 2021/22 academic year). Feedback has been overwhelmingly excellent. 94% believe that it helped them to understand and decide on what to do next. 92% said that they would recommend CareerWave Personal Guidance to a friend.
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