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Use our leading career-matching tool from age 15 upwards to discover strengths, ambitions and goals.

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£25 per student (ex VAT)
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Aptitudes, aspirations & interests
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Lifetime Login & Planting futures

Identify strengths and ambitions

Innovative assessment software identifies a student’s strengths and builds a comprehensive personal profile, raising self-awareness.

Raise aspirations & promote excellence

Explore opportunities using the ‘What-If’ tool which allows students to change qualification levels to see what new careers and subjects become available.

As you grow, we grow (trees)

We're planting one tree for every student who completes the Morrisby Profile.

Working with:

One Tree Planted in collaboration with Morrisby
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Encourage students to achieve their goals

Help young people investigate the best routes to achieve their goals and encourage them to explore similar careers and courses including many they may never have considered.

Reach destinations with lifetime support

Gain lifetime access to information about apprenticeships, colleges, university courses and potential careers, including salary expectations and different routes to employment.

Try out Morrisby Profile

Have a go at a selection of practice questions to give you an insight into how Morrisby Profile will work for you.

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Build resilience through feedback

Take advantage of Morrisby’s interview template system - students fill in a short survey before their interview and the system provides a feedback outline to aid the interviewer.

Create a unique user workspace

Once a school has signed up to Morrisby, parents are sent login instructions via email to register their child and start building their personal Profile.

For individual access to Morrisby Profile, parents can buy a pass.

Kick-start your career journey

Discover a world of opportunities to enrich your future.

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Rich features for careers leaders

  • Support for independent impartial guidance
  • Interview system with student preparation support
  • Data dashboards and bulk reports
  • Lesson plans and video tutorials

Everything you need to succeed

For students

  • Lifetime login
  • Extensive information
  • Subject & career suggestions
  • Personalised insights

For teachers

  • Lesson plans & resources
  • Data tracking
  • Downloadable reports
  • Immediate results
  • Interview support
  • Flexible tracking

For schools

  • Offer impartial advice
  • Meet requirements
  • Raise aspirations
  • Plan interventions
  • Facilitate choices

Help your students take control of their future

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