Simplicity for careers leaders

The perfect tool to record activities, evidence wider provision and track student development to meet Gatsby Benchmarks.

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11+ & staff
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£995 pa school licence includes Careers
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Careers & enrichment activities
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Gatsby & SkillsBuilder

Record careers activity for easy management

It’s never been easier to log careers activity and evidence student development. Input things such as careers-related events, extracurricular or enrichment activities.

Track progress with learner passports

Students can log their own activities and acquired skills, displaying evidence for each to be easily audited by teachers. This is combined with the action plan to create the Learner Passport.

Evidence statutory requirements

Categorise activities, lesson plans, worksheets, class presentations and more against multiple Gatsby Benchmark and SkillsBuilder steps to easily evidence your wider provision.

Help your students take control of their future

Partner with Morrisby to offer world-class careers guidance and advice.

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Gain insights from student feedback

Request feedback on your activities to evidence the quality of your provision, ensure continuous improvement and capture ‘student voice’.

Streamline your curriculum

Document and output a comprehensive career plan that can easily be added to your own website to meet industry standards.

Align data to monitor progress

Track progress with a powerful management system, allowing careers leaders and teachers to identify students for personalised support and interventions.

Rich features for careers leaders

  • Custom groups to track vulnerable students
  • SIMS and other MIS Integration
  • Track multiple Gatsby benchmarks
  • Data upload to CEC Compass+

Everything you need to succeed

For students

  • Track skills
  • Log activities
  • Record progress
  • Store documents
  • Leave feedback

For teachers

  • Inform planning
  • View progress
  • Consult students
  • Offer support
  • Customise documents

For schools

  • Record events
  • Meet benchmarks
  • Evidence provision
  • Build students’ skills

Help your students take control of their future

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