Careers platform for students

Research tools to help students age 11 upwards discover the world of work and pathways forward.

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Explore our extensive careers library

View rich information on careers, subject choices, apprenticeships and higher education, each with detailed routes to entry and qualification requirements.

Kick-start a journey of self-discovery

Simple yet powerful assessments match students’ individual interests and preferences to specific careers and courses, analysing results against more than 600 careers.

Support students at key decision points

Support students to make informed choices at key academic decision points such as options at age 14 and 16.

Help your students take control of their future

Partner with Morrisby to offer world-class careers guidance and advice.

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Build futures with our action planning tool

Help students organise their careers progression, making it easy for tutors to engage in conversation and provide support.

Prioritise support with agile data

Easily view key information through powerful dashboards and databases, separating students by cohorts, vulnerable groups, subject preferences and more.

Rich features for careers leaders

  • Custom groups to track vulnerable students
  • Interview tools to record key events such as options
  • Data dashboards and bulk reports
  • Lesson plans and video tutorials

Everything you need to succeed

For students

  • Immediate results
  • Personalised suggestions
  • Extensive information
  • Flexible action planning

For teachers

  • Aid discovery
  • Plan ahead
  • Provide support
  • Monitor students
  • Download reports
  • Access resources

For schools

  • Track progress
  • View data
  • Meet requirements
  • Evidence provision
  • Facilitate choices

Help your students take control of their future

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