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The complete destinations platform with leading academic reference and personal statement tools for age 16 upwards.

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£1,590pa school licence includes Careers & Tracker
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Includes Tracker
Explore post-18 subject suggestions

Explore post-18 subject suggestions

Profiling provides matches to specific Higher level subjects based on the individuals strengths and preferences. The starting point for new ideas and thoughts often beyond just core subjects.

Search and browse courses

A Highly flexible search lets students find one of over 30,000 courses to suit their interests and expected results.

University of Leeds
Personalised research

Personalised research

Students take psychometric assessment of their career interests, work preferences, employment priorities and study interests. This is used to match them to careers, subjects and courses. Each of these has a wide range of information to help them make the right choices.

Course search and shortlisting

Course search and comparison is made easy with our new shortlisting tool. This also takes into
account “Talent” based courses typical in the arts. Courses can be compared and the shortlist document can easily be output and shared.

Course search and shortlisting
Activity and skills

Activity and skills

The Tracker system includes ready made careers activities and makes it easy to record student interaction with careers as well as enrichment and extra curricular events. With built in Gatsby Benchmarks, Compass+ data export and Skills Builder framework it makes for a comprehensive activity hub.

Parents included

Students may share their actual accounts with their parents who then have full use of the career and course research tools as well as visibility of  all student activity.

Parents included

Rich features for careers leaders

  • Custom groups to easily track interests such as 'Oxbridge' or 'Medicine'
  • Predicted grades and academic references
  • Embedded SkillsBuilder employability skills framework
  • Destinations survey and recording
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Everything you need to succeed

For students

  • Research Post 18 options
  • Make informed decisions
  • Institution shortlisting
  • Support for personal statements

For teachers

  • Easy to use
  • Track student progress
  • Video tutorials available
  • Manager dashboard

For schools

  • Raises aspirations
  • Increases motivation
  • Meet requirements
  • Evidences provision

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