Morrisby for Parents

Empower Your Child

Begin a journey of discovery together, exploring subject, course and career options tailored to your child.

Discover their future together

Self discovery
We help your child understand their strengths and the sort of study and careers options that will suit them.
Recommended study paths
Morrisby's study suggestions will give subject ideas based on strengths, interests and personality.
Career suggestions
We ensure that subject choices keep doors open and that job suggestions are suitable.
Applications guidance
Support with college, sixth form, apprenticeship, university and job applications.
Action planning
Set goals and targets to keep your child accountable and help them achieve their ambitions.
Careers advice and support
Morrisby helps with decision making at all stages of the career journey.

Kick-start your child’s career journey

Discover a world of opportunities to enrich your child’s future.

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Supporting your child on their career journey

Understanding what options are available to your child after they leave school can be difficult. But Morrisby is here to offer inspiration and guidance.

Our lifetime login to Morrisby Profile means your child can not only plan for their next academic step but they can also manage future career changes, ensuring their journey is enjoyable, supported and fulfilling.

Discover the right path together

Morrisby profiles allow students to grant ‘parental access’ to a trusted adult, meaning you can join your child on their career journey.

With information about subject choices, courses, apprenticeships, colleges, universities and international opportunities, you can make important decisions.

How it works


Join Morrisby

If your child’s school has provided a code, simply sign up. If not, you can buy an individual pass

Complete profiling

Prompt your child to complete their profiling assessments and explore suggestions together

Follow up

Discuss your child’s ambitions and add goals to their action plan

Your personalised careers service

Discover the perfect pathway to a career you’ll love, with easy management & reporting for careers guidance and tailored support.

Explore Morrisby Profile

Making better career choices

“My daughter had no idea what job she wanted to go into and I didn’t know how to direct her. Morrisby offered really clear guidance and relieved the stress and pressure of not knowing what path to choose.”

Canons High School


How can I view my child's results?

Morrisby includes a Parental Access feature to give parents and guardians access to their child's account. A student can create an "invite" for parental access from the Planner page within their account. Once a parent has accepted the invitation they will be able to view their child's account.

How does the money back guarantee work?

It's a full no quibble guarantee, just give us a call on +44(0)330 500 5000 within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

My child’s school has provided an access code - what do I do?

If your child’s school has provided an access code, just sign up to create a user account.

My child’s school doesn’t use Morrisby - can I still sign up?

Yes, you can buy an individual pass which will allow your child to access the Morrisby Profile online portal where you can explore careers options together.

Still got a question? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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