Morrisby for Career Changers

Our service for career changers is composed of two core parts:
  1. Online Careers Platform
    • Your personal careers profile
    • Career and Study suggestions
    • Planning tools
    • Careers information
  2. Careers Adviser Support
    • A 60-minute careers consultation by phone or Skype with an impartial, qualified careers adviser
    • Ongoing careers advice available by email.
    • Advice is UK focused, but may be applicable in other countries.
    • Call or email us to book your consultation.
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How It Works

The following steps outline the journey through Morrisby:

  1. Buy a Morrisby Pass Code and use it to sign-up to the Morrisby website.
  2. Complete a series of online assessments and questionnaires that builds up your personal career profile.
  3. View and explore your career and study suggestions online.
  4. Start planning your journey with the online tools.
  5. When you are ready, call or email us to book your Skype careers consultation.


Is Morrisby Online for me?
Our career change clients come from a variety of different professional backgrounds and experience. You might be a full-time parent returning to work, or perhaps you are looking for a change and need help finding the right career. Our impartial decision making service can guide you in choosing the right path for your future.
How long do the assessments take?
It takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to complete all of the assessments, but they do not have to be done all at one time.
What happens during the careers interview?
From our experience, we understand the value in career changers discussing their results, career journey to date, challenges/obstacles and thoughts with a careers professional. Once you have completed your assessment you can book in your 60 minute careers interview over Skype and receive guidance from one of our professional careers advisers.
What aspects of my experience will be taken into account?
In most cases, the interview with your careers adviser is the most valuable forum for discussing how your professional and work based qualifications, skills and experience may impact your future career, and contribute towards your strong profile in the jobs market.
Is there anything else I need to know?
Career and educational information within the service is predominantly UK based. Clients from outside the UK will need to interpret and adapt recommendations and information to their own local culture and conditions. To get the most out of our assessments, you need to be fluent in English, and able to complete assessments presented visually on screen.

Price: £108 inc VAT

 Lifetime access
 60 minutes Skype consultation
 30 day money back guarantee

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