How We Help

Deciding what you want to do after you leave school is not easy. Understanding the options available to you in the first place is hard enough, but then working out what you are best suited to and how you can achieve your goals is difficult. We are here to inspire you and give you some guidance on how to choose a career and study options.

Our career and education planning tools are fully interactive. You are given personalised careers and education advice, helping you to choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities. We have information about apprenticeships, colleges and degree courses (in the UK and Europe) and have a vast database of potential careers including salary expectations and the different routes to employment.

What to Expect

  • All journeys through Morrisby start with signing up on and then proceed to "Profiling". Profiling is how Morrisby uncovers how you think and what you enjoy. It involves answering questions in questionnaire and assessments. For younger people (less than 15 years old) this usually takes about 10 minutes. People 15 years and older, complete a more comprehensive profiling session that takes about 100 minutes to finish and includes assessments for verbal, numerical, abstract, spatial and mechanical aptitudes.
  • After completing profiling, you can view your unique careers profile. This helps you understand the sorts of careers and study choices that Morrisby will suggest.
  • The next step is to view your career and study suggestions. You can investigate details about particular career and subject options.
  • As you pick possible options, you build up a career plan for your future.
  • In addition to any school adviser access you may have, you will also have access to Morrisby's career advisers via email. If you have purchased a Morrisby Pass, you will be able to book your included 30 minute Skype careers consultation.


What preparation is needed?
You can't revise for the assessments, so there is no preparation work involved. We have some practice questions if you would like to see the format before you start.
Can I use Morrisby after I leave school?
Yes, your Morrisby login is for life, so you can come back to Morrisby in the future to update your plan. We recommend updating your email address if you used a school email address to signup to Morrisby.

Buy a Morrisby Pass

If you don't have access via your school/college/uni then you can purchase instant access here.