Career Guidance for Schools & Colleges

Choosing a career should be an exciting and empowering process, but for many young people, it can be difficult to take a step back and look at the options objectively.  We have developed an objective and interactive online career guidance tool which helps students identify and investigate their career direction, and also assists them in navigating through the difficult process of choosing subject options at school and selecting the most appropriate study or training options from the many post-18 pathways available.

All of our career recommendations are based on a series of assessments which measure verbal reasoning, numeracy, abstract, spatial and mechanical aptitudes. These results are combined with the findings from further questionnaires which assess students’ career interests, workplace preferences, their talents and personality characteristics.  All these results are used to find matching careers, school subjects, further and higher education study areas and/or apprenticeships from our extensive databases.

Morrisby is now also available for use with your younger students who can take our ‘Aspirations Questionnaire’ from the age of 12, and our aptitude assessments once they reach age 15.  This service is available for £25 + VAT per student. Please contact us for further information about Morrisby Online

Why Morrisby?

With decades of experience in our field, we are passionate about helping young people understand and reach their potential. Morrisby assessments are used in over 1,000 schools worldwide, including the UK, Australia, Europe, South East Asia, the Gulf States, Africa and in many British & International schools all over the world.

  • Premium Product with affordable pricing  We have reduced all of the overheads associated with a paper-based system to ensure that we can offer an affordable service, without scrimping on the quality or customer support. We have no membership fee or hidden costs. The price is from £25 + VAT.
  • Login for life  Because preferences and opportunities will change, we offer all of our members a login for life. This means that they can come back and investigate different options over time and we can be there to support them at all of the important educational and career decisions throughout their lives.
  • Caters for all of your CEIAG needs  Morrisby Online offers a fully integrated and customisable service so whether your students are choosing, for example, GCSEs, Standards, A Levels, pre-U, IB, or Highers, investigating higher or further education, considering an apprenticeship or exploring careers, they can do it all in one place. We have incorporated our popular UK Coursefinder product, so you can also benefit from our subject interests questionnaire with study suggestions drawn from our searchable database of over 40,000 degree courses from the UK and those taught in English from across Europe.
  • Interactive & flexible  All of the results and recommendations are available both in a printable report and in a dynamic and interactive format on our website. Students can login, research the pathways into careers, investigate job specific information and also search for courses and research apprenticeships. Our system is fully flexible and students can return at any time to update their working preferences and aspirations.
  • Ease of use  We know how over-stretched careers teachers are, which is why we have developed a system which is flexible and easy to use, with minimum hassle. Assessments can be run over several sessions, or in one go. You don’t need to have any formal additional training to use our on-line services.
  • Fully supported career guidance  We are committed to supporting you with your career guidance provision. We also have a network of qualified careers advisers who can provide careers guidance interviews to your students. Find out more about this Morrisby Premier service.

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