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Self discovery
We help you understand yourself and the sort of study and careers options that will suit you.
Recommended study paths
Morrisby's study suggestions will give subject ideas based on your strengths, interests and personality.
Career suggestions
Recommended job roles suited to your personality and interests whilst keeping options open.
Applications guidance
Support with college, sixth form, apprenticeship, university and job applications.
Action planning
Set goals and targets to keep you accountable and help you achieve your ambitions.
Careers advice and support
Morrisby helps with decision making at all stages of the career journey.

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Explore opportunities for your future

Deciding what you want to do after you leave school is not easy but Morrisby is here to inspire and guide you.

With our information about subjects, courses, apprenticeships, colleges and universities, together, we’ll discover your future goals and help you to create a step-by-step career plan to get you there.

Discover personalised career paths

Morrisby helps you along a journey of self-discovery that makes careers guidance enjoyable, fun and worthwhile.

Our interactive app provides personalised advice to help you make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities, including study and work abroad programmes.

How it works


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If your school has provided a code, simply sign up to create a user profile. If not, you can buy a pass

Complete profiling

Complete your profiling assessments, view your results and explore suggestions

Follow up

Select ‘favourites’, discuss your ambitions and add goals to your action plan

How we help

Practice questions

Try your hand at a selection of practice questions to give you an insight into how Morrisby Profile will work for you.


Read about studying abroad, career opportunities, further & higher education, employment, apprenticeships and more.

Vocabulary test

Our built-in English vocabulary test allows us to adjust the profile of students with English as an additional language to improve the accuracy of your profile results.


Your personalised careers service

Discover the perfect pathway to a career you’ll love, with easy management & reporting for careers guidance and tailored support.

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Making better career choices

Learn how Morrisby helps students reach their career destination.

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“Morrisby helped me discover which subjects I enjoyed most and how I could use those in future jobs. It helped me choose my GCSE subjects which I’m really enjoying and I now feel more confident about my exams.”

Year 9 Student
Canon High School


What preparation is needed?

You can't revise for the assessments, so there is no preparation work involved. We have some practice questions if you would like to see the format before you start.

Can I use Morrisby after I leave school?

Yes, your Morrisby login is for life, so you can come back to Morrisby in the future to update your plan. We recommend updating your email address if you used a school email address to sign up to Morrisby.

My school has given me an access code - what do I do?

If your school has given you an access code, just sign up to create a user account.

My school doesn’t use Morrisby - can I still sign up?

Yes, you can buy an individual pass which will allow you to access the Morrisby Profile online portal where you can explore careers, apprenticeships and subject suggestions.

What if English isn't my first language?

Our built-in English vocabulary test allows us to adjust the profile of students with English as an additional language to improve the accuracy of your profile results.

Still got a question? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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