What is Morrisby Online?

We use a combination of psychometric assessments and questionnaires to give us an idea of where your strengths and preferences lie. After analysing your results, we offer impartial recommendations for careers and subjects that match your abilities and interests. Using our interactive tool, you can then research careers, search for courses and add your own ideas into the mix. We want the process to be as dynamic as possible, so we also allow you to boost the importance of any elements that are particularly important to you, such as talents or working environment.

What is an aptitude assessment?

Our assessments are focussed on helping everyone to discover their potential. There is no pass or fail, the assessments measure preferences and aptitudes for verbal, numerical and practical skills, as well as skills such as speed and accuracy. There is no preparation or revision required although we do have some practice questions if you want to get a feel for the types of questions you will be asked.

Who can complete the aptitude assessments?

The aptitude assessments in this service can be challenging and require both concentration and focus.

Candidates need to:

  • Be able to concentrate fully for at least 30 minutes. We do not not recommend splitting the assessment session into more than three separate sessions of each around 35 minutes each.
  • Have a reasonable knowledge of English language - band 5 or above on the IELTS 9-band scale. Those in bands 5, 6 or 7 (limited English) should complete the on-site Morrisby vocabulary test which will allow us to adjust their scores to compensate for their lack of English.
  • Be aged 15 years or older. This can be extended down to 14 years 9 months. However, the tests are scaled using age-related norms and these are less reliable under 15 years of age because of differing rates of development.
  • Eligible for main-stream schooling. The scales and norms have been developed using results from those in mainstream schools. Those who are likely to struggle significantly with these types of abstracted problems are unlikely to benefit from this element of the service. We advise them to complete the untimed interest and personality questionnaires.

How do specific learning needs affect the outcomes of the assessments?

Over the years, lots of students with dyslexia have taken either our Morrisby Profile or Morrisby Online assessments. It is possible that some of the test scores will be affected, depending on the nature and severity of the learning need. Where an individual has difficulty reading and processing verbal information the verbal scores may be affected. If processing numerical information is a difficulty, the numerical test scores are likely to be affected.

The tests are all timed and we don’t make any extra time allowances for specific learning needs nor do we make any adjustments to the actual test scores. At the beginning of the assessments you will be asked if there are any factors we should take into consideration with your results. If you have declared that you have dyslexia/dyscalculia there will be a reference to this in your report. When you receive your feedback, your adviser should discuss which scores may have been affected and the implications, if any, for future choices.

Is the Morrisby Profile Paper and Pencil assessment still supported?

The paper and pencil version is being phased out and will not be offered after 31st August 2020. Those who have completed the paper and pencil assessment will still have access to the Morrisby website, using their existing login and will be able to view their report and download it on demand

I have not heard of Morrisby before, what are your credentials?

We have over 50 years experience in developing psychometric assessments. Our impartial and accurate assessments continue to help millions of students and adults make important decisions about their future careers and educational choices. Find out more on our Why Morrisby? page