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  1. TMO means The Morrisby Organisation.
  2. Service(s) means all use of various websites provided to the User by TMO, which are owned and directly controlled by TMO.  These include:
  3. Authenticated Service(s) mean all websites that require authentication from the user, which are owned and directly controlled by TMO. These include:
    • Morrisby web application, located at:
    • Fast Tomato web application, located at:
    • Morrisby Manager application, located at:
  4. Non-Authenticated Service(s) mean all websites that do not require authentication from the user, which are owned and directly controlled by TMO. These include:
  5. Data means all information supplied to the User by use of the Service.

What is the purpose of our Privacy Policy?

TMO is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy online.  TMO aims to meet the standards of best internet practice and will act in accordance with current applicable legislation.  This policy outlines how we keep your information safe and secure, and outlines what we do with the personal details that you provide us. This Policy applies to all our Services and does not include any linked third party website. Users should carefully examine the privacy statements of sites linking to or from our Services. Any Personal Information that you choose to provide to other sites will be subject to the Privacy Policies of those websites.


In order to access some TMO Authenticated Services, the user registers by providing an email. TMO will not pass this email address on to any third party organisations.  Access to TMO's Authenticated Services are password protected. The registration information is used to identify and authenticate the user when they access the Service. This helps protect the user's details from unauthorised access.

Access to your Personal Information

In addition to the Support Team at TMO,  relevant approved advisers at your centre of education, for example your school Careers Adviser, will have access to your information and TMO Services results.

Aggregate Information

This is information that we might collect about a group or category of users which does not include anything that links the information to particular individuals. Aggregate information helps us to develop the site in line with user preferences. It also enables us to carry out research and statistical analyses such as the standardisation and validation of the questionnaires and algorithms used on our Services. Validating our Services may also collect non-personally identifiable information in order to carry out statistical analyses such as relative popularity of courses, careers, institutions, qualifications and interests. These analyses may be used for product development purposes and may be passed to third parties but without reference to your name or email address.


A cookie is a small file which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is stored on your computer's hard drive. Any website can place a cookie on your computer if your browser settings` allow it. Cookies can only be accessed by the website that placed it on your computer originally. This helps protect your privacy.

TMO utilises cookies for to recognise users and to increase the efficiency of your interactions with our Service. If your computer is unable to accept cookies, you will be unable to use TMO's applications.

Users have control of what cookies can be placed on their machine using the option settings of their browsers. For more information about cookies, and how to block and delete them visit

How do you use my information?

We use your personal information to provide you with tailored information on the Service. Personal information may also be used to deliver support services including, but not limited to, adviser access, progress on the site, your plans, password recovery, answering enquiries, collating user feedback, and selecting prize draw winners.

TMO does NOT sell your Personal Information to third parties. All personal information is held securely, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Dispute Policy

Any dispute relating to this Privacy Policy is subject to the provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions, including limitations on damages and arbitration of disputes.

Updating our Policies

This Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time in line with changes in legislation, technology, or the service offered. As such, you should refer to this page, by using the link provided at the foot of each page throughout our Services, to check for such updates.


You can terminate your TMO registration at any time by emailing We are required by law to keep some information after you have terminated your registration so that we are able to identify you as an ex-user. This information is kept to the absolute minimum.