Morrisby Pass

Morrisby Pass

What is a Morrisby Pass?

A Morrisby Pass gives individuals full access to Morrisby Online, our interactive careers guidance system. Careers advice is given on the basis of aptitude assessments measuring verbal, numerical and practical skills and questionnaires which look at more subjective elements.  Once the assessments are complete, your results are presented via our interactive online system as well as in a downloadable format.

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What does a Morrisby Pass include?

  • Lifetime website access
  • Objective & impartial careers advice
  • Aptitude assessments & questionnaires
  • Personalised careers suggestions
  • Subject & study options
  • A 30 or 60 minute careers interview* via Skype or phone (based on UK focused careers and education routes only).
  • Full suite of psychometric assessments including verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical & abstract reasoning assessments
  • Interests and personality questionnaires
  • Access to our fully interactive career planning tool

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How much does a Morrisby Pass cost?

  • For people 18 and younger with a 30 minute interview: Within EU: £84 inc VAT.Outside EU and for VAT registered EU companies: £70
  • For people over 18 with a 60 minute interview: Within EU: £108 inc VAT.Outside EU and for VAT registered EU companies: £90

We find that people over 18 usually require a 60 minute interview, so we strongly recommend people over 18 choose this option, but particularly so for career changers.

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How can I buy a Morrisby Pass?

You can buy instant access through this site. After purchase, you will be sent a code which can be used during or after sign up. One code provides access for one person, and can be used directly by the purchaser or given to someone else.

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Who are they intended for?

A Morrisby Pass with 30-minute interview is intended for individuals 15 to 18 years old who wish to use Morrisby in an unsupervised fashion. Careers changers and students older than 18 are strongly advised to purchase a Morrisby Pass with 60 minute interview.

If you are representing a school or other organisation wishing to administer group sessions please contact us instead.

Can I give an access code to somebody else?

Absolutely. You are free to give the code to whomever you wish. Codes are transferable, before use, and can be given to other people.

How will I get my code(s)?

Codes will be displayed immediately after purchase and also emailed to you. Each code can only be used by one person.


*Interviews must be booked to occur within one year of purchase, please see our terms for more details.