Information for Parents

About Us

Supporting your child through the process of choosing study options and a future career is not an easy task. Some teenagers have a set idea of what they want to do after school, but it is also very common for them to feel unsure of what the future holds and lack direction. We have developed an interactive website dedicated to providing education and careers advice for teenagers which can help and inspire your child to explore the different options and opportunities available to them.

How does it work?

All students complete a series of assessments which measure verbal, numerical, abstract, spatial and mechanical abilities. No preparation or revision is necessary and it takes about one and a half hours to complete.  They also answer a careers interest questionnaire which allows us to understand your child as an individual; what they like and where their talents and aspirations lie, the nature of their personality and their employment preferences.

We combine the results from the aptitude tests and the questionnaires to generate careers and study suggestions. However, this is just the beginning. Our online tool is fully interactive, so your child can investigate different careers options and start to understand the educational pathways that are involved.  Depending on their year at school, we can help them choose optional school subjects and make decisions about post-school choices including further and higher education and apprenticeships.

Of course, we understand that most teenagers struggle to plan so far in advance and their preferences will inevitably change over time. For this reason, all of our log-ins are for life, so they can re-visit us throughout their educational and working lives to seek out the next opportunity.

How Can I Get Access For My Child?

There are two ways to obtain access for your child:

  • Via your child's school, many schools offer Morrisby.
  • Purchase a Morrisby Pass.

Accessing Your Child's Account

Morrisby includes a Parental Access feature to give parents and guardians access to their child's account. A student can create an "invite" for parental access from the Planner page within their account. Once a parent has accepted the invitation they will be able to view their child's account.

Morrisby Pay

If your school is offering Morrisby Online and have asked you to contribute towards the cost, then you can pay online via our secure payment service.

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