What Is My Dream Job?

Ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up and they will most likely come up with an eclectic mix of careers, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Ask an adult, however, and the youthful optimism and confidence have long since eroded away. It would seem that most people stop questioning what is my dream job when they’re in their early 20’s and stick with the choices they made in their teens.

Some people are lucky enough to find a vocation early in their life and follow that career path all the way through their working life. However that is not the case for many people and with most of us now destined to work well into our 70’s, there is no reason why we should ever give up on our search.  If, like many, you find yourself completely clueless about what you want to do with your career, we have some tips to help you try to identify your dream job.

Talk to people

The best way to seek inspiration and get ideas is to talk to the people who know you best. Speak to friends, families and ask them how they see you and where your talents lie. They might well come up with insightful ideas that you haven’t thought of yet.

Careers Fairs

If you want to speak to people in different industries, then you might find visiting a careers fair of interest.  With representatives from a range of industries and companies, these can be a useful way to get ideas and understand the types of opportunities out there.

Get some objective help

Sometimes it’s just really useful to get some objective advice about careers, based on your aptitudes and abilities. We have developed an online assessment which tests your aptitudes and takes into account your likes, dislikes and aspirations and then comes up with a wide range of suggestions. It also tells you how to go about pursuing your chosen career, with the help on our in-house careers advisers.

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