Returning To Work After Being A Stay At Home Parent

Anyone who is planning on returning to work after a period at home with their children knows that the step back into the workplace can be a daunting one. While you have been at home, it can feel like the rest of the world has moved on, new technologies and jargon have arrived and a once supremely confident you feels intimidated by the prospect of returning to the world that you used to live in. In addition, you now have to balance your own career with your family logistics; assemblies, ill children, sports days all conspire to make it feel unmanageable.
Sell Yourself
The single biggest obstacle to many parents returning to work is their own self confidence.  Re-read your CV and remind yourself of what you accomplished in your career before your break. Remember, just because you have been at home with your children does not mean that you have nothing to add to your CV.  School committees, sports clubs and voluntary positions are highly valued and can prove multi-tasking, organisational skills and an entrepreneurial edge. Don’t hide your time off, but celebrate it.
Flexible working
You may be happy to go back to work full time, but if you aren’t, there are other working patterns that you could consider to fit in with your family commitments. Part time work is sometimes an option and many companies are open to home working or flexible working patterns. If you see a job advertised that you like the look of, you can always arrange an informal meeting with the recruiter to see if there is any scope for flexibility. Employers can be surprisingly flexible for the right candidate.
Change is also an option
It may be that your previous career is simply not compatible with your family commitments, or you are using the break as an opportunity to make a change. If you want a change of direction, but are unsure of what you want to do, then you might want to consider taking our career assessment. No prior knowledge is necessary, but we look at your talents, aptitude and interests and then give you tailored careers advice.
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